‘We focus on creating something honest, making music we want to hear, music we hear in our heads. It all comes directly from us, every sound, because that is the best way we can tell our stories.’



Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough are Two People.


The pair have been writing music together as a duo since they were fifteen and are perhaps best known for their time in Melbourne band Snakadaktal, with whom they won Triple J’s Unearthed High competition and released an internationally praised album Sleep In The Water. Now in their early twenties, Two People are ready to share their own music with the world.

‘Fading’ is the first taste of their sound, and sees Phoebe’s soulful, alluring vocals set against the crisp soundscape of Joey’s intricate, flawless production. Recorded in a warehouse and a lounge-room, the song is entirely self-produced.


‘Fading’ appears refreshingly minimalist, though when one delves into the music a little deeper, numerous layers and flourishes are uncovered. It’s a transportive, immersive first offering, where each and every detail comes together to create a complex, considered piece of art – the first of many we can hope to see from the duo.


If We Have Time (Ryan Davis Timeless Edit)

Two People

If We Have Time

Two People


Two People