Kagu is the alias of Sean Heathcliff. Many would remember Sean as one of the singers of internationally acclaimed Melbourne band, Snakadaktal. Since the band’s split earlier this year, Sean has immersed himself in the growth of his new solo project.

Over months past – Sean has progressed from daydreams and thoughts, to rough sketches and demos, and now, finally to this, first track, ‘Shadow of the Wind’.

Offering a glimpse at Sean’s debut EP, ‘Shadow of the Wind’ is a delicately layered song, awash with lush, evocative soundscapes and Sean’s beautiful, poignant vocals.

Sean enlisted local producer Dann Hume for the EP following their work together on Snakadaktal’s Sleep in the Water album. The  debut EP ‘Kagu’ is out now.


Sean Heathcliff