TROY CASSAR-DALEY releases new video & set to embark on huge 2017 national tour




Fresh from receiving two finalist nominations in the 45th Country Music Awards of Australia – the Toyota Golden Guitar Awards (held January 2017 in Tamworth), including the prestigious ‘Album Of The Year’ for Things I Carry Around, Troy Cassar-Daley releases the 2nd single & video from the album, ‘Halfway Creek, Timber Cutting Man’.

“Loved my time cutting fence posts with Tony Wall, it was hard work but Tony made it bearable because he was great company. We could talk about anything and we did, I think I solved a lot yarning with Tony without even knowing.  I’m glad he kept me off the chainsaw as I was always pretty shitty with it around home and I still have all my fingers! Halfway Creek is a very special place to me and a lot of people, parts of me still swim the Orara on the back road, fish for elated catfish and hunt for wallaby. Halfway Creek will always be a part of me”. 

“…it’s deeply personal, but, as always, Cassar-Daley delivers his stories with a casual charm that lends them an easy, universal feel.” – Rolling Stone
“It’s a tale of triumph over adversity for a boy who did it tough growing up in Grafton before country music came along and gave his life focus.”
– The Australian

”His story is one of survival and hope…” – The Advertiser

The Things I Carry Around National Tour commences on January 26 in Tamworth before heading out around the country….

“In 2017 My Things I Carry Around tour will be an interesting journey of story telling and brand new music. The setting will be like a lounge room so you will feel like you are at my house, with me sitting and playing for you. I’ve always wanted to do an intimate show like this for a while with myself and two other musicians. We will embark on a tour of shows around the country with the intimacy of a house party. There will be memories shared and new music to hand over to you. When you knock on the door at these shows, I will be the one who answers it and I can’t wait to welcome you in! See you out on the road friends!” – Troy

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Things I Carry Around  –
Troy Cassar-Daley

Out now through Liberation Music

Available for streaming and purchase here